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Category: Business
Developer: INICIS Co., LTD
Version: 3.1.7
Size: 7.3 MB


INIpay Mobile 1.0 has been upgraded to INIpay Mobile 2.0!
INIpay Mobile 2.0 is providing real payment service and additional functions that INIpay Mobile 1.0 did not service.
Take a look at newly added functions of INIpay Mobile!

1. Payment Demo
   1) You can see the demonstration of payment methods below.
      - Credit card(Ansim Click security based credit cards)
      - Mobile phone payment
      - Virtual account payment
      - Culture voucher
      - Happy money voucher
   2) You may click here to through Safari on iPhone to see the whole process of real merchant linked.
   3) For Real time bank transfer payment method, 
      Financial Supervisory Service is inspecting the security compatibility of this payment method.
      Real time bank transfer payment method will be in service right after the inspection.
   4) KB card, BC card, Woori card which are based of ISP security method are not supported by INIpay Mobile 2.0, 
      Mobile ISP Application provided by KVP is needed to pay by ISP security method based cards.

2. Mobile Management System for Merchant(Payment Administration)

   1) You can simply enquire your merchant information, transactions, Settlement details and tax bill through INIpay Mobile.
   2) More convenient functions will be updated.
3. Delivery Tracking Service

   1) Wherever you are, you can keep track of your orders through Delivery tracking system of INIpay Mobile.
   2) Most of domestic delivery service companies are supported and you can even enter, correct, delete and enquire your delivery information.
4. Payment Enquiry

1)Whenever and wherever you are, you may enquire the payment history through INIpay Mobile.
2)Credit card, Real-time bank transfer and Virtual account payment methods are supported at the moment, and more payment methods will be added shortly.


   1) INI P2P is payment service related with the goods traded between a person and a person.
   2) INI P2P will help you buy goods on Twitter, me2DAY.
6. Private Payment

   1) INICIS brand new payment service.
   2) It will be in service shortly.

What's New in Version 3.1.7

1. minor bug fix

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of INIpay Mobile
Screenshot of INIpay Mobile
Screenshot of INIpay Mobile
Screenshot of INIpay Mobile

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