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Developer: John Fullington
Version: 1.5
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If you are running Nagios on your network, have an iPhone or iPod touch, and need to be able to talk to Nagios from those devices, iNag is a no-brainer. 


iNag is a iPhone application that allows you to view your Nagios monitored network from anywhere, iNag allows you to acknowledge host and services problems right from your phone. Daily event logs are also viewable using a fast and secure method that does not require you to open your Nagios installation to the world.

iNags unique conduit approach makes it very fast, no matter if you're using Edge/3G or WiFi, iNag can download a typical 300+ service network in less than 10 seconds. Unlike the screen scraping, or web based approach iNag does not require you to open your entire Nagios system to the world, iNag comes with an open source php script that can be put on any web server and supports SSL and web based authentication, the iNag conduit script "inag.php" also has a built in authentication mechanism for added security.

iNag has also been proven to work with all major versions of Nagios. iNag also works with Icinga, Centreon, Oreion, Monarch, GroundWork, and will work will all other application that use Nagios for it's back end.


* Manage an unlimited numbers of servers, and switch between them without leaving iNag
* Send over 30 different commands to Nagios, such as schedule down time, submit passive data, and custom notifications just to name a few. 
* Support for custom url(inag://) for use with apps such as Prowl.
* Tactical overview showing the current state of your network
* Host view, displays each host on your network in a sorted list
* Host Details, allow you to drill down and see more in-depth information for each host
* Acknowledge Host problems right from you iPhone/iPod touch
* Services view show each service on your network grouped by host
* Service Detail view shows in-depth detail about each service
* Acknowledge service problems from you iPhone/iPod touch
* Log View allows you to view the current day's event log, filtering by hour, and event types

* iNag is not a network monitor, it will not monitor your network and requires Nagios to work, it also requires the open source server side script/php to be installed on your server which has access to your Nagios log files.

What's New in Version 1.5

• Updated handling of self signed certificates
• iOS 4 Tested

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of iNag Nagios Viewer
Screenshot of iNag Nagios Viewer
Screenshot of iNag Nagios Viewer
Screenshot of iNag Nagios Viewer

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