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iMeeting is now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch with a fast and unique schedule entry system that makes iMeeting easier to use than ever before.

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Schedule your next office meeting, church group meeting, baseball practice, golf outing, movie with friends, and so much more with iMeeting. 
iMeeting allows you to create groups, and enter members and their schedules for each group.  You can then enter the criteria needed for a meeting for a group, such as duration, day(s) to meet, members required to be present, and time ranges during which the meeting must start.   iMeeting will then do all of the work to determine the best day(s) and time to hold the meeting so that the greatest number of members will be able to attend.  All possible meeting times will be displayed on the results page, with the best times (the ones that allow the most members to attend) listed at the top.  Once you decide on a meeting day and time, you can click on it and easily email all members able to attend (or all members of the group) to let them know when the meeting will be held.  Scheduling meetings that only meet once, or need to meet multiple days per week is a cinch with iMeeting.

Join the revolution and experience the convenience that iMeeting has brought to our existing users:

"I was teaching a class with over 30 students in it that met Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and I needed to take all of the students' class schedules into account to setup a second meeting time either the same days or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  iMeeting did all of the work and in seconds I had an appropriate meeting time that allowed every single student to attend the class and have their own computer!"

"I play tennis doubles with 10 guys, and I am in charge of setting the schedule.  iMeeting made it easy to create a consistent schedule that allowed everyone to play as often as they wanted.  Now finding a substitute player for a match is easy.  Thanks iMeeting.

"I use iMeeting all of the time.  I never knew how often I would use it, but I honestly use it all of the time."

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Screenshot of iMeetings
Screenshot of iMeetings

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