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iMeetingPad replaces the standard notepad you used to bring to meetings before the iPad era dawned. Does your notepad connect to the projector? Can your notepad bring the applause or laugh track? Can it wake dozing colleagues with a cock crow? iMeetingPad can! 
Of course you will type serious notes or make silly doodles, but iMeetingPad also helps you with your sketching with basic drawing tools and a collection of clip-art images to drop in.  Unlike your old paper pad, iMeetingPad offers unlimited pages in unlimited separate documents (meetings). Also unlike your old system, you can edit your doodles, shapes, images and text at any time, move, size, rotate them or change their color with ease.  Easily swipe through your pages of notes and enjoy Apple's standard but sexy page turn graphics, or just jump to any page instantly, with a touch.

And iMeetingPad supports your projector, letting you send your notes and graphics out to a projector or TV connected using Apple's video adapter cable (not included). Draw on your iPad while your colleagues watch in awe and envy on the big screen.

iMeetingPad also lets you save your notes to a PDF file and email them directly from within the app. Any text typed into the pad is also extracted from the PDF and included in the body of your email, making it easy to paste into your desktop applications or search for in your email system.  Of course you can just delete all that from the email, and spend the meeting writing totally unrelated emails... we won't tell. 

iMeetingPad was designed from the ground up for your iPad by a team that has had professional business apps on the AppStore since opening day.

- Designed for iPad!

- Draw lines, freehand drawing, filled or open shapes and images from a collection of included clip art

- Object-oriented drawing lets you move end edit drawn elements at any time

- Constrained drawing mode: use 2 fingers to make perfect squares, circles, or lines that are horizontal or vertical

- Nudge mode lets you move, rotate or scale your element by small, precise increments

- Large collection of clip art easily extended with images from your iPad photo album

- Lifelike paper and chalkboard background textures

- Handy sound effects wake up your meetings with a touch, from a toilet flushing to a laughing audience, iMeetingPad lets you quickly express yourself, without saying a word.

- Font favorites keep your font menu manageable: pick which fonts you want to see from the iPad's large list of fonts. Add or remove favorites any time.

- Meetings include metadata that store the time and date, purpose (if any), and the meeting attendees

- Email PDF version, with text from pad also included in body of email, for your convenience

- Search meetings by contents, tags, attendees purpose, or all of the above.

- In-meeting tweeting! Yup twitter away those less interesting meetings by sending your own pithy tweets and keeping an eye on those you follow. Silently!

- Intuitive interface with multi-touch gestures: 
1-finger drag to make current shape: draw out a text box, make a line or shape, place a sprite or just draw
2-finger drag with line or shape tool constrains shapes to perfect square size, lines to horizontal or vertical

1-finger tap to select element, repeated single taps cycles selection through elements under tap
2-finger single tap on selected element brings it to front
3-finger single tap on selected element pushes it to the back

1-finger double tap on selected element to edit properties
2-finger double tap adds the current sprite image at tap location

2-finger drag on selected in move mode to duplicate element

2-finger tap on rotation widget to jump 30 degrees

Pinch and rotate on selected element to scale and rotate
Swipe left or right on page bottom to go to next or previous page, respectively

What's New in Version 1.7.0

Update Meeting Tweeting to access Twitter using the more secure OAuth protocol, which they now require. Includes the popular Twitter+OAuth code by Ben Gottlieb

Multi-stroke drawing: freehand drawing elements can be composed of multiple drawings, and extended after they are drawn.

Add sprites through iTunes File Sharing!

More sprites: We added some so you don't have to!

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