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Category: Entertainment
Developer: Brad Kleinman
Version: 5.0
Size: 19.3 MB


*** Everyone Should Have a Jewish Grandparent in their Pocket ***

Back in 2009, I was sitting at dinner eating matzah ball soup with my gramma Netty, my aunt Flo, and a number of their closest friends. The traditional weekly gathering had been taking place for decades; every Monday they’d meet at either Corky & Lenny’s or Jack's in Cleveland, Ohio. 

While sipping on my Dr. Browns Black Cherry, I marveled at the dynamic taking place in front of me (mostly my gramma and aunt arguing relentlessly to each other.) I came to the sad realization while I nibbled on my dill pickle: I was a really lucky guy to have such an awesome gramma, but one day, my gramma wouldn’t be with me anymore.

Enter, iGavolt.

Thanks to iGavolt, my gramma is with me wherever I go. The app can have Netty rap to a hip hop beat, add some DJ sound effects, and send weekly reminders to call your gramma or grampa. I hope iGavolt will bring you and your family joy and put smiles on your faces.

In our latest version of iGavolt, we've added:

- Our first Grampatar "Sam"

- A “Microphone Record" feature -- capture your own audio of your grandparent (or yourself). Click on the record button on the bottom left, record up to 15 seconds of audio, and play it side-by-side with one of our grammatars or grampatars.

- A "Track Record" feature -- record and share your creations. Click ‘record track’ and we’ll record up to 30 seconds of whatever you do on iGavolt for you to share with your family and friends.  

- Fun animations to make your iGavolt experience more enjoyable

Shout out to Shaun Friedman and Unbelievable Beats for our original iGavolt Beats, and Trent Busakowski for amping up the design.

And don’t forget to kvetch about iGavolt on Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite social networks. Now, go eat some farfel.

-Brad and the iGavolt Team


WARNING : iGavolt Will Not Change your life.


Make sure to try out our Easter Eggs! Play the following audio files in the correct order, and you'll get a Netty Voicemail surprise!

- why don’t you call me - 4X
- getting married - 2X
- do it - 4X

What's New in Version 5.0

- Upgraded 'dancing' grammatar while a beat is playing
- Squashed bugs
- Updated info area
- Refined recording features
- Ate farfel