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Version: 1.0
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iAuditum is an app that allows you to perform non-financial audits of any kind:  restaurant or home inspections, regulatory compliance audits, school evaluations, workplace regulations, company policies, and safety regulation enforcement. 

iAuditum empowers you to: 

- organize all your audits
- search and find data quickly  
- drastically reduce your workload
- eliminate paperwork 
- keep results up-to-date 
- make results of audits available online 
- avoid emailing of spreadsheets or text files
- assure security and integrity of the audit results
- easily find and track audits with substandard scores or with - uncompleted Corrective Actions. 

After registering at our web site, you use the web site's facilities to create your audit templates (lists of questions with pre-defined types of answers such as free text, number fields, dates, option pull-downs, radio buttons), assign weights to individual questions, and mark which questions are mandatory. 

Next, you enter your auditees and  group them into flexible hierarchies of organizational levels. You can then perform audits, using either your laptop or iPhone app. You can download templates to your iPhone, perform audits offline, and upload the results to the web server when reconnected. 

Finally, you can view comprehensive reports on the web site. During audits, you can enter required Corrective Actions, their severity, the deadlines for fulfillment, and names of persons assigned to complete them. iAuditum supports various user 'roles' and allows assignments of auditees, hierarchy groups of auditees, and templates to specific auditors. Iauditum also provides a detailed user-tracking history.  

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Screenshot of iAuditum
Screenshot of iAuditum

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