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Version: 2.0.3
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The iAudit app from Play it Safe allows you to streamline your entire workplace inspection or auditing process, saving you time, money and removing the need for lengthy reporting. Use the iAudit app to record any health and safety or environmental issues. Once your audit is complete, a report will be compiled into a downloadable PDF so you can email on to colleagues. Forget about using pen and paper forever!

The iAudit app allows you to set a priority for each hazard and a location. You can even take photos of any issues to add to your audit inspection. The iAudit App is simple to use and is freely available. 
What’s more, the iAudit App will work locally even without an internet connection. If a 3G, 4G or a Wi-Fi connection is available, issues will be raised in the iAudit App and will seamlessly synchronise with the secure Online Management System (OMS) if you have an account.

Having an OMS account with Play it Safe means you will be able to brand the OMS and the iAudit App. The iAudit App will also load issue icons based on your business risks and these can vary depending on your type of business.

To use the iAudit App to its full potential, please contact Play it Safe about their OMS.

How to use iAudit:

• When you first register and download the iAudit App, it will be branded with the standard Play it Safe Logo and colours, and a basic generic set of issue category icons will load. 

• Once logged in, you will be able to customise your own Business Logo, Company Name in the settings area of the application to personalise the app. 

• You will be able to use this tool locally on your iPad and keep a record of all issues you find during your auditing process. 

• Once you have completed your audit, you can create a PDF Report within the app, which can then be exported or emailed to you. 

Main Features:

• App can be completely branded for your business
• Works locally to record issues or synchronises with the secure Play it Safe Server and OMS
• Takes pictures of issues raised as part of your inspection or audit procedures
• Works in landscape or portrait
• Easy to use and track your workplace issues
• Issue severity uses a coloured button system that automatically gives a timeframe for resolving the issue. This can however be overridden and allows for manual entry as well.
• Ability to export Audits via our PDF Report Feature.

What's New in Version 2.0.3

PDF Export is now free to all users.

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Screenshot of iAudit - Health & Safety Quality Environmental
Screenshot of iAudit - Health & Safety Quality Environmental
Screenshot of iAudit - Health & Safety Quality Environmental
Screenshot of iAudit - Health & Safety Quality Environmental