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Category: Business
Developer: UNIMO CNC Inc.
Version: 1.4.6
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i-RAMS : iPhone - Remote Access & Monitoring System
Purpose : To display the video from remote DVR as real time.
User : the users who are using DVR of UDR Series.

▶ How to use.

1. First screen : Access to one of DVR List, which user specified.

● i(icon) : It is able to see information of this program.
● Add : It is able to add DVR Info.
>> Input camera name which would be shown at DVR List, IP address, Port number, ID, Password.
>> Multi Screen 
- ON : It is able to see a video as multi mode. (only quadruple screen)
- OFF : It is able to see a video as single mode. (You can see a channel field)

> If User ID is ADMIN, it should be capital letters.
> User ID is case-sensitive.
So it must be the same as enrolled UserID in your DVRs.
> It is not able to use '/', when you input the value of each field.
> It is not able to be saved, if all of field doesn't be filled out.

● Edit : Correct the DVR Info of saved DVR List.
● Del : Delete the DVR Info of registered DVR List.
● Connect : Connect to one of the selected DVR Info.

2. Connect screen : This screen display the video, after access to the specified IP address.
>> You can see the video as multi or single mode which you select at 'Add' menu.
>> It is able to touch the video screen if you would like to change a mode of multi or single.
>> It is able to change the channels if you press the circled buttons.
	Caution) Button's number will be different from how much channels is in your DVR.
		ex) If you connect to 16Ch DVR, you can see a 4 buttons.
		      If you connect to 4Ch DVR, there are no buttons.

● PTZ : Control PTZ of current camera. 
	> Only shown at single mode.
● Setup : Change Channel number on or off.
● Quit : Disconnect DVR connection.

> Channel/PTZ/Setup buttons is shown after connection is completed.
> Landscape mode was applied to this screen.

3. PTZ screen : Control pan, tilt and zoom of PTZ camera remotely.
● Direction keys : Control Zoom/Focus or Pan/Tilt.
● Zoom Focus : This button toggles the mode of "Zoom/Focus" and "Pan/tilt".
● Preset GO : Move to preset you select.
● Preset Set : Set the preset on current screen.
● SPEED : Set a movement speed of camera.
● Quit PTZ : Close PTZ screen.

What's New in Version 1.4.6

password is unvisible like *

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of i-RAMS
Screenshot of i-RAMS
Screenshot of i-RAMS
Screenshot of i-RAMS
Screenshot of i-RAMS
Screenshot of i-RAMS
Screenshot of i-RAMS
Screenshot of i-RAMS

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