Download Hours Billing - Lite for iPhone, iPad

Category: Business
Developer: Uday Pandey
Version: 2.7
Size: 18.1 MB


Hours - Lite is an easy and intuitive time tracking and invoicing application for iOS. 

Hours - Lite is a fully featured version (restricts to 3 Clients and 6 Projects and unlimited access to all other features). It is possible to upgrade Hours - Lite using In App Purchase. 

Manage your Clients and Projects, track Time and Expenses, create Invoices and Estimates, record Payments and export data using Reports, all on-the-go with Hours. Behind a very simple and beautiful interface, it packs the amazing flexibility to manage all of that. 


Time Tracking: 

• One tap time tracking from the main dashboard. Hours will help ensure that any billable hour doesn't go unaccounted.
• Track time against multiple Clients, Projects and Tasks. Tag entries to identify and track similar kind of entries across Clients / Projects.
• Tracking in real-time using Single / Multiple Timers 
    • Edit running timers without stopping the timer.
    • Round off to configured minute interval for billing purposes.
• Enter time manually by filling in Start Time, End Time or just the Duration.

Track Expenses:

• Whether you're at work or in transit, enter an expense at any time using Hours’s simple, easy to use interface.
• Track expenses against Clients, Projects. 
• Define Expense Categories for common expenses to quickly fill in expense details automatically.

Billable Rates, Discounts & Taxes

• Define global hourly rates, discount rates in Settings or set different rates per Client
• Define Tax rates in Settings. Simple and compound tax schemes possible.


• Invoicing with Hours is dead simple and is just a single tap away from the main dashboard. 
• Create an invoice that automatically pulls in billable hours and expenses. Never let an hour/expense go unbilled.
• Draft professional looking invoices using inbuilt templates.
• Create an invoice per project or send a consolidated invoice for any or all projects for a Client.
• Track overdue and unpaid invoices effortlessly from Hours’s invoicing screen. Send out reminders for unpaid and overdue invoices.


• Track advance payments as Retainers and use those anytime to balance against the generated Invoices.  
• Track payments made for Invoices. Balance payment against a single or multiple Invoices.


• Sending estimates doesn't have to be a pain. Use and create estimates just like you would create an invoice.
• Draft professional looking estimates using inbuilt templates and get client approval before you commence work.


• Use comprehensive suite of inbuilt reports or create a custom reports to get the fine contorl on the data exported.
• Filter Reports:
    • Filter On date range: day, week, month, year
    • Filter On custom dates
    • Filter on status: Unbilled, Overdue, Unfiled entries
• Generate consolidated reports for all Client, Projects, Tasks, Tags or generate reports per Client, Projects, Tasks, Tags
• Export the data in CSV format

Elegant User Interface

• Simple and Elegant Design
• Elegantly designed dashboard for a single screen, single tap access to all features that you would need on daily basis.
• Filter data, archive old data for clutter free views, for better organization and for readability. View only what you are interested in.
• Data Filter:
    • Filter data based on status: Paid, Unpaid, Unfiled
    • Filter data based on date range: day, week, month, year
    • Calendar to quickly and easily glance through volumes of data

Help & FAQ

• There's no fat manual you'll have to read just to use Hours. But just in case, detailed FAQs and a 'Getting Started guide' is built right into the app.

What's New in Version 2.7

**Features :**

• Added feature to allow creation of Client, Project, Task while adding
  new Time/Expense entries
• Add option to reset calendar, recently used settings 
• Add option to upgrade Hours Tracker to Hours Billing

**Bug Fixes :**

• Fixed Contact integration issue
• Fixed issue for missing Tags for Timer entry
• Fixed display issue for Start / Due dates for Project

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of Hours Billing - Lite
Screenshot of Hours Billing - Lite
Screenshot of Hours Billing - Lite
Screenshot of Hours Billing - Lite