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Version: 1.3
Size: 3.1 MB


HomeControl is a powerful HomeKit menu bar app: check the status of your home at a glance, trigger a scene, switching the status of a device or even changing you primary home directly from your Mac menu bar!

HomeControl supports the following HomeKit areas:

• Scenes: HomeControl supports triggering and showing the state of each scene and also auto-detects the scene type and choses an appropriate icon for it.
• Devices: HomeControl can control all devices that can be powered on/off (like switches, lightbulbs or outlets). You can quickly see their state from the HomeControl menu and change it.
• Device Groups: HomeControl also supports controlling and detecting the state of any device group created with the Home app which contains supported devices.
• Homes: If you have added multiple homes to HomeKit, HomeControl can show a home picker to quickly change your primary home. HomeControl always shows scenes and devices from your current primary home.

HomeControl also includes support for advanced features like hiding and setting global keyboard shortcuts for items in any of the supported areas (scenes, devices, device groups and homes).

• Changing you primary home in HomeControl will propagate the change to all you devices, so Siri will also use automatically your selected primary home.
• HomeControl can detect the status and control the following types of HomeKit devices: lightbulbs, programmable switches, standard switches, outlets, fans and ventilation fans. This includes the vast majority of power-based devices like Eve Energy, Meross or Koogeek outlets.

Privacy by Design: HomeControl works completely on-device and does not store or send any information outside of the protected app sandbox.

What's New in Version 1.3

• Added support for device groups.
• Better keyboard shortcuts support.
• Better launch at login support.

Screenshots for для Мака

Screenshot of HomeControl Menu for HomeKit
Screenshot of HomeControl Menu for HomeKit
Screenshot of HomeControl Menu for HomeKit
Screenshot of HomeControl Menu for HomeKit

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