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Version: 1.12
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HomeControl is a powerful HomeKit menu bar app: check the state of your home at a glance, trigger a scene, switch the status of a device or even change you primary home directly from your Mac menu bar!

HomeControl supports controlling and automating the following HomeKit areas:

• Scenes: HomeControl supports triggering and showing the state of each scene and also auto-detects the scene type and choses an appropriate icon for it.
• Devices and Device Groups: HomeControl can control all devices that can be activated and deactivated (like outlets, lightbulbs, switches, thermostats…). You can quickly see their state from the HomeControl menu and change it. HomeControl also supports changing device properties like light brightness and color or thermostat mode and target temperature.
• Homes: If you have added multiple homes to HomeKit, HomeControl can show a home picker to quickly change your primary home. HomeControl always shows scenes and devices from your current primary home.

HomeControl also includes the concept of Smart Groups to quickly control all the devices of a room from the menu (for example, activate all lightbulbs of a room or deactivate all its devices) and supports showing measurements or detections from sensors available in your HomeKit setup.

All the items can be configured to be hidden on the menu, shown in a submenu or invoked by a global keyboard shortcut.

HomeControl also includes full automation support for all the actions available in the app (triggering scenes, switching a device or device group status, changing the primary home and also changing device properties!) with “x-callback-url”-compatible automation URLs which can be easily invoked from AppleScript, Terminal, custom scripts and other apps.

• HomeControl can detect and control the status of all HomeKit devices that can be activated and deactivated: outlets, lightbulbs, switches, thermostats, fans, air purifiers, heaters, dehumidifiers, windows, window coverings, faucets, valves, irrigation systems, doors, garage door openers and locks!
• HomeControl supports reading and showing measurements or detections from the following types of sensors: temperature, humidity, air quality, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, contact, smoke, leak, motion, light and occupancy sensors.
• HomeControl supports changing and reading the following device properties: light brightness, light hue, light saturation, light color temperature, thermostat mode (auto, cool, heat or off) and thermostat target temperature.
• You can quickly copy the automation URL of any item right-clicking it on the “Customize Items” section of the HomeControl preferences pane. There are also examples for using them from AppleScript and Terminal on the “Automation” section of the preferences pane.
• All automation URLs include an Authentication Token to verify that requests are sent from a trusted source. The Authentication Token can be regenerated at any time in the “Automation” section of the preferences pane and doing it will invalidate all previous automation URLs.
• HomeKit does not currently support scene deactivation functionality, so HomeControl will always trigger the scene regardless of its status. Note that there is not always a clear way to deactivate a scene (for example, scenes that change some properties like setting a particular temperature or changing a light bulb color).
• HomeControl cannot detect the status of scenes that do not include HomeKit actions, like scenes that only control AirPlay devices (like Apple TV or HomePods) or devices that have already been removed. If all scene devices have been removed you can permanently delete it from the Home app by creating a new scene with the same name and deleting it.

Privacy by Design: HomeControl works completely on-device and does not store or send any information outside of the protected app sandbox.

What's New in Version 1.12

• Added support for changing device and device group properties like light brightness, light hue, light saturation, light color temperature, thermostat mode (auto, cool, heat or off) and thermostat target temperature.
• Changing device properties is also fully supported with Automation URLs, some examples:
  • Set a lightbulb named “Light” to 70% brightness: homecontrol://x-callback-url/run-action?action-type=change-device-property&item-type=device&item-name=Light&property-type=light-brightness&property-value=70&authentication-token=TOKEN
  • Set a lightbulb named “Light” to yellow color (hue: 60º): homecontrol://x-callback-url/run-action?action-type=change-device-property&item-type=device&item-name=Light&property-type=light-hue&property-value=60&authentication-token=TOKEN
  • Set a lightbulb named “Light” to warm color temperature (3200K): homecontrol://x-callback-url/run-action?action-type=change-device-property&item-type=device&item-name=Light&property-type=light-color-temperature&property-value=3200&authentication-token=TOKEN
  • Set a thermostat named “Air Conditioner” to 21ºC target temperature: homecontrol://x-callback-url/run-action?action-type=change-device-property&item-type=device&item-name=Air%20Conditioner&property-type=thermostat-temperature&property-value=21&authentication-token=TOKEN
  • Set a thermostat named “Air Conditioner” to “Auto” mode: homecontrol://x-callback-url/run-action?action-type=change-device-property&item-type=device&item-name=Air%20Conditioner&property-type=thermostat-mode&property-value=auto&authentication-token=TOKEN

Screenshots for для Мака

Screenshot of HomeControl Menu for HomeKit
Screenshot of HomeControl Menu for HomeKit
Screenshot of HomeControl Menu for HomeKit
Screenshot of HomeControl Menu for HomeKit

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