Download GLASSES - Reading Magnifier for iPhone, iPad

Category: Medical
Developer: Philip Broder
Version: 1.2
Size: 9.2 MB


Forgot your reading glasses, or just need a little help reading that small medicine bottle, or dimly lit restaurant menu, then GLASSES  is for you.

The quickest and most easy to use reading aid magnifier available, with a clean and clear user interface.

Clean functional user interface makes GLASSES a joy to use.

If you're already having trouble reading then you need as few steps as possible and with BIG clear buttons.

Flip to the front camera and use as a magnifying mirror too.

Some say "Why not just use the built in camera?"  Well: 

    With GLASSES you are immediately seeing at 2x zoom with just the ONE tap that opens the app.

    To use the Camera app with light you open the app, swipe to video mode, zoom the display, tap the light options, turn the light on - that's at least five taps/swipes all while using a more complex interface with small buttons, if you can even work out how to do it!

And one thing the built in camera cannot do is zoom the front camera/mirror view - GLASSES can.

What's New in Version 1.2

You can now use the front camera, with zoom too.
Now able to freeze the view if needed.