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120 different formulas make our FINANCE FORMULATOR perfect for you. Whether you are someone who works full-time in finance, a business student or a businessman, this simple program will be an important tool for you. You can save formula results and even e-mail them.

FINANCE FORMULATOR combines a financial dictionary with a financial calculator. The program contains over 100 useful financial calculation formulas. Each formula both calculates the entered values and explains the meaning and importance of those calculations. FINANCE FORMULATOR includes calculation formulas used by consumers (e.g. mortgage and lease calculators), as well as formulas needed by financial analysts, (e.g. Acid Test Analysis, or a Z credit score analysis.)  Other areas of formulas found in FINANCE FORMULATOR include: Insurance calculations, interest formulas, stock valuations, bonds, cash flow analysis and sales ratios, investment formulas, debt ratios. 

FINANCE FORMULATOR formulas include:
• Accounts Receivable Ratio 
• Sales to Receivables 
• Average Accounts Receivables 
• Accounts Receivables By Assets 
• Price Quotes 
• Business Analysis 
• Inventory Turnover 
• Delinquent Sales Outstanding 
• Break-Even Analysis-Units 
• Customers Needed 
• Operating Cycle In Days 
• Inflation Adjusted Price 
• Sales To Accounts Payable 
• Days to Purchase 
• Horizontal Analysis 
• Working Capital In Days 
• Overhead Distribution 
• Floor Basis Distribution 
• Sales Basis 
• Credit Worthiness 
• Z Ratio
• Property Tax

• Cash Flow To Total Debt Ratio 
• Cash To Current Liabilities 
• Cash To Working Capital 
• Cash Flow Ratios 
• Cash COverage Ratios 
• Current Ratio 
• Fee Cash Flow 
• Net Working Capital 

• Cost of Debt (Bonds)
• Cost Preferred Stock 
• Cost of Common Stock 
• Bond Yield 
• Cost of Credit 
• Effective Annual Yield 

• Acid Test 
• Debt Service Ratios 
• Interest Coverage 
• Asset Utilization 
• Accounts Receivables Turnover
• Bad Debt to Sales Ratios 
• Debt Ratio 
• Debt to Equity 

• Depreciation- Yearly S.L
• Declining Value Amount 
• Double Declining Value 
• Value After Years

Equity Ratios 
Investors Capital to Sales 
Capital to None-Current Assets 
Earnings to Equity 
Return on Common Equity 
Cash Investment Return 
Opportunity Cost 
Insurance Calculations 
Actual Cash Value 
Insurance Reimbursement 

• Future Value Daily Interest 
• Interest Computation 
• Days of Savings Annual Percentage Rate 
• A.P.R Installment Loan 

• Discounted Value of Note 
• Holding Period Return 
• Capitalization Rates 
• Equivalent Taxable Yield 
• Rule 72s
• Number of Years to Double Investment 

• Monthly Mortgage Payment 
• Total Monthly Carrying Cost 
• Monthly Points Mortgage Payment 

• Housing Affordability 
• Car Lease Payments 
• Interest Rate on Car Lease 
• Monthly Car Loan Payment 
• Tip Calculations 
• Amount to Deposit 
• Final Sale Price 
• Additional Monthly Minimum

• Sales to Debt 
• Sales to Current Assets 
• Sales to Administrative Costs
• Sales to Cash 
• Sales Per Person 
• Selling Expenses Vs Net Sales 
• Gross Profit Margin 
• Profit Margin of Sales

• Authorized to Issued Shares 
• Stock Options Vs Shares Outstanding 
• Book Value Per Share 
• Price to Earnings Ratio 
• Earning Rate on Investments 
• Price to Sales Ratio 
• Earning Rate on Investments 
• Price to Sales Ratio 
• Payout Ratio 
• Price to Book Ratio 

Advance/Decline Line 
Advance/Decline Ratio 
Arms Index 
Breadth Trust 
Chande Momentum 
Culmative  Volume Index
Ease of Movement 
Large Block Ratio 
Median Price 
Public Short Ratio 
Confidence Index 
Intraday Momentum Index 
Typical Price 
Money Flow 
Money Ratio 
Money Flow Index

What's New in Version 4.01

Minor Bug Fix