Download FastField Mobile Forms for iPhone, iPad

Category: Business
Developer: Merge Mobile
Version: 5.3.4
Size: 44.6 MB


**FastField provides mobile access to your existing FastField forms and requires a FastField account to login.  

FastField eliminates paper, reduces manual input errors and empowers your organization with a complete mobile form solution.

Using the FastField service, you can create your own forms and database apps in minutes!  No technical expertise is required!

Instantly deploy your forms to a mobile workforce and collect cleaner, richer data in real-time from your smartphones and tablets! 

FastField is trusted by thousands of companies around the world for:

-Inspection Forms
-Audit Forms
-Safety Forms
-Kiosk Surveys 
-Sales Order Forms
-Or Any Other Custom Form You Need

With a click of a button, your forms are available to your entire mobile workforce. No printing, scanning or copying! 

***Offline Access and Data Collection***
FastField even allows you to capture data when you're offline and without an Internet connection. 

Install the FastField Mobile app and login with your existing FastField user account.

Setup your forms in the FastField Online Form Builder - Quickly setup and deploy your own custom forms to any number of user groups. 

Easily retrieve your form data in Excel, PDF, CSV, Json, XML format through the FastField Data Portal or via our integration APIs.

FastField supports modern data fields such as photos, videos, audio, drawings, geo locations and includes the following field types:

 -Multi-Line Text	
 -Static Photo	
 -Photo with Captions and Annotations	
 -Yes, No, NA	
 -Lookup Data List	
 -GPS Location	
 -Sub Form	
 -Static Text	
 -Formatted Input	
 -Document Viewer	
 -Computed Label	

and more...

FastField is an open solution that can be integrated with 100s of 3rd party systems through standards such as HTTP Post, FTP, SFTP, Email and other published APIs.  

Your Forms, Your Data, Anytime. Anywhere!

What's New in Version 5.3.4

-Optimizations to Multi Photo field and Photo Library selection process
-Fix to Form Level rules when evaluating hidden static labels and calculation fields
-Fix to lookup processing so we can handle percentage characters in lookup lists
-Added Form Display Mask on Inbox items
-Added extra user confirmation before deleting subform instances
-Other minor fixes