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Category: Business
Developer: brian nelson
Version: 1.1
Size: 2.2 MB


Quickly calculate and email the material needs for your next Concrete pad project.
● Easy to use interface  ● Click button to send detailed email/text/copy without leaving App

Quickly calculate how much concrete and rebar your next project needs, with this easy to use, stylish App, then send an email to yourself, or a contractor with exactly how much material your project needs including waste.


● Easy to use interface.
● Easy to read, actionable numbers.
● Supports any concrete pad size.
● Calculates total cubic yards needed with waste.
● Calculates lineal feet of rebar required
● Calculates concrete costs
● Calculates rebar costs. 
● Click to send email, without leaving App.
● Add additional material costs

Email Yourself or a Contractor

● Just click the email button to send an email, without leaving the App.
● Email includes actionable information for a contractor or do-it-yourself individual.
● Includes material price information
● Includes material list, SQFT, CUYDS, and essential dimensions
● Every piece of information you need to order concrete, or get concrete bids

✚✚✚ New Export Features Added ✚✚✚
● Send project details to anyone by text message
● Copy the entire project details and paste anywhere
● Send an email with the project details

Example Email Sent From Inside App
Subject: Fast Concrete Calculator Results

Project Information:
Yards of concrete with waste | 7.52
Total material cost | $1205.16

Cost Breakdown With Waste:
Concrete cost | $737.16
Rebar cost | $468.00
Extra materials | $100.98

Pad Dimensions:
Pad size: 25'10" X 15'5"
Pad depth | 6"
Pad SQFT | 398
Rebar spaced at: L 12" X W 24"

Material List:
Concrete | 7.52 CUYDS
Length rebar lineal feet: 433'
Width rebar lineal feet: 219'
Extra materials: $100.98

● In App email requires data service or WIFI and configured email on device.
● Text requires cell service or iMessage
● Compatible with OS 5.1 or later. 

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What's New in Version 1.1

New in 1.1
- iPhone 5 support
- HD graphics
- Export calculations to text
- Copy calculations to clipboard
- New Icons
- Splash Screens added
- Minor bug fixes

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of Fast Concrete Pad Calculator
Screenshot of Fast Concrete Pad Calculator
Screenshot of Fast Concrete Pad Calculator