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Category: Business
Developer: Joseph Vivona
Version: 0.4.1
Size: 5.2 MB


Event Planners and  Tradeshow Managers have you ever had the following happen?
 - An attendee asks you if the other people from his company are checked in?
 - A speaker asks one of the temps about a session discussing "widgets" and the temp has no idea what that session is?
 - One of your international attendees gets hurt and you need their emergency contact info and can't get anyone who can log into the registration?
 - Look at your printed Agenda In Detail in your binder, and realize it's the old version?
 - Realize there was information which every staff member should know to help resolve some on-site issue?
Technology One Group's Event Planner mobile application was written with these problems and more in mind.   Our application can take many of the day to day issues an Event Manager runs into and give you answers right on your device.

Our Gold Edition (this version is the Gold Edition) allows you and your team to do the following:

For Attendees
  - Search and view their status, quickly
  - Get emergency contact information
  - View someone's personalized schedule

For Sessions
  - Search by title, description or session name
  - View session details including room, time, description and more
  - Know exactly what speakers should be in a session room BEFORE a session starts
  - Provide up to the minute messages and information to everyone

While the above is sure to make every event planner's life a little easier - the possibilities are limitless.  Additional features available in our Platinum and Custom Editions include:
 - Badge Barcode Scanning
 - Near Field Communication (NFC) Scanning
 - Registration data reporting
 - Post broadcast messages
 - Displayable Maps to show an attendee where to go
 - Email capabilities
 - Media Capture (video and pictures)

Existing customers, contact us for your event's login information.

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Screenshot of Event Planner Gold
Screenshot of Event Planner Gold