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Category: Business
Developer: mate, Inc
Version: 1.0.2
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---Communication Tool for Professionals, “ENishi Talk” ---
ENishi Talk is membership service for 12 types of professionals (based on Japanese professional systems).

We are aiming for contribution to the society and making people happier by providing better work environment for professionals.

We check the certification and qualifications one by one at the point of registration, so that people in ENishi are officially certified and qualified only.

If you are one or more of 12 officially certified professionals, you can register to ENishi. 
*Please be notified that you may get declined after the registration if the registrations seem to be inappropriate if we find the certification is not official. In that case, we may not be able to answer any of the questions.

List of Certification
Administrative Scrivener
Judicial Scrivener
Tax Accountant
Labor and Social Security Attorney
Patent Attorney
Certified Management Consultant
Land and House Investigator
Real Estate Appraiser
Certified 1st grade Financial Planner
as of October 2015

---About ENishi Talk---
ENishi Talk is used for expert professionals or professionals who just opened the office. Professionals will be able to find experts to discuss your case, or look for some other professionals that can help you. 
【To connect】
Professionals registered in ENishi will be able to talk to other professionals and have business relationship.

【To spread】
Professionals are able to expand their circle of business relationship and exchange information.

【To cultivate】
Professionals are able to cultivate their business relationship and they can also better understand other subjects as well.

---Functions of ENishi Talk---
【Talk Room】
Registered members are able to create Talk Room on certain subject or join the Talk Room that others create. Talk Rooms are place where registered people can exchange and share information.

Registered member are able to connect other registered members. Members are also able to connect with professionals who have different certifications. 

Registered members are able to send and receive messages through chat. This is only allowed to exchange messaged with connected members. If you want to exchange messages, please connect first in order to use the direct chat function.

Members can answer end-users’ questions through ENishi Adviser. This will help end-users to solve their problems and registered professionals to acquire new customers.

【Q&A links】
Registered members are able to answer questions posted in Japanese domestic largest website “Oshiete! goo”. If you are a member of ENishi, you can register easily for free.

【Smart Phones friendly Web Page】
Registered members are able to create Smart Phone friendly Web pages for free by just entering your information. This is very easy and good for professionals who do not have Smart Phone friendly Web Page.

What's New in Version 1.0.2

UI Improved

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