Download Easy Watermark-Add to Pic,Movi for iPhone, iPad

Version: 1.0.5
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Add watermarks to your Pics, Photos, Movies and videos in a few steps. Powerful  AI editor to add logo, autograph, time stamp, Trademark and more.

Blue Watermark - add to photo & Video app, currently the fastest & simplest app for adding copyright trademarks or simple text on a photo or video! Protect your content by adding your logo or name so that no one can claim your photos or videos as theirs. This is a very important tool for graphic designer, photographer, or influencers who often post interesting and engaging content on the internet. There are many dishonest people who claim pictures or videos of that don’t belong to them.

The process of adding watermark using our app is extremely easy & fast. It will give strong protection to your images, photos, and videos. This is not 100% failproof but it’s far better than doing nothing. If you don’t take a few seconds to protect your work, then you will lose it very easily. Many people just grab any photo and video they find online and post it as their own. Google has made it so easy for people to find and download any kind of picture.

Our app allows Branding or Digitally signing your pictures prior to sharing them on the web. With this app, you can undoubtedly add watermarks to your photos, add clear inscriptions to photographs and give information about the photograph. You can add your name, logo or other copyright notice on a photograph. Likewise you can label your companions by composing their names on photograph.

Effectively make and add watermark on photographs. You can change the size of watermark, transparency of watermark, rotate, zoom in and zoom out or move watermark until you are content with it. In the event that you have your own watermark, you can without much of a stretch import from gallery and spot it on your picture.

Step by step instructions to utilize Watermark - Add on Photo and Video App: 

* Create Watermark - Easily create watermark by utilizing any logo, text or sticker. 
* Apply Watermark - Select a photo from gallery or camera on which you need to add watermark. 
* Easily change your watermark on photograph (rotate, change opacity, zoom in and zoom out). 
* Save and offer watermarked photographs or pictures with your companions, relatives and online social locales.


*Introduce 40+ video filters for creating stunning video 
* Add text or logos as watermark to your photos and videos.
* Add text or logos as watermark to your photos and videos.
* Changes the fonts, colors, and sizes, and styles of your text.
* Add your own autograph to the picture.
* Create awesome collages with our app.
* Adjust thickness and color of the pen for the autograph.
* Stickers, emojis, and other fun stuff to decorate your images.
* Frames and backgrounds to enhance your photos.

As you can see, Watermark - add to Photo & Video app is not just for adding text on photos. There are many ways you can do with our app to enhance your images and videos to capture attention. Add Watermark is very intuitive and simple. You don’t have to deal with so much unused features that confuse you. We make the process very simple and easy whether in adding watermark or to decorate your photos with stickers and frames.

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