Download Dungeon Guardians-Hottest Hack & Slash MMORPG for iPhone, iPad

Category: Games
Developer: Xu ZhenHua
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 83 MB


When darkness falls, heroes rise. In an ancient land, untouched by war for many years, evil threatens the innocent and menaces the meek. Anguished cries for help ring out across the realm, but the brave are nowhere to be found. Do you have what it takes to overcome fear and be a protector of peace? Test your heroism in 2017's hottest hack-n-slash MMORPG, Dungeon Guardians!

Raid Endless Dungeon World
Sharpen your weapons and prepare your most powerful potions--your journey to the depths of an endless dungeon will be fraught with savage beasts, dark magic, and all manner of evil obstacles put in place by the Dungeon Lord. The ancient lore of these caves is shrouded in mystery, and it's up to you to bring its secrets to light.

Fight with Your Friends
Pick your hero from a lineup of seasoned fighters with unique attributes, and take on different battlefields with your friends in tow. Immerse yourself in the battle alongside your closest allies, and relish your victories as a team.

Collect & Upgrade towards the best
Explore different maps as you collect and upgrade gear, skills, pets and mounts to increase your might and unleash your inner power. There is always a new dungeon to conquer, and a new boss to square up with.

Challenge Your Friends in Real Time Duel
Do you have what it takes to be a PvP league champion? Ally yourself with strong friends on different servers to take down demonic bosses and reap fame and rewards! 

Carve Your Path from 7 Different Schools
Always longed to master the blade? Or are you more of a spell caster? No matter whether you prefer weapons, magic, or your bare fists, you can create exactly the kind of warrior you want to be with unique skill sets and customizable equipment.