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Developer: Neal Layton
Version: 2.21
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This application does only one thing. It very simply provides the user with what day number of the year it is. Examples: January 1st is day number 1. February 28th is day number 59, July 20th would be 201, etc. 

This application also works in leap years when all Julian day numbers would be increase by one after February 29th
The Julian day number can be considered a very simple calendar, where its calendar date is just an integer. This is useful for reference, computations, and conversions. It allows the time between any two dates in history to be computed by simple subtraction.

This application is used in the  Manufacturing, Military, Food Service, Beverage and Agricultural industries to keep track of manufacturing and production dates, expiration dates or as just a simple way to track days.

***iTouch Owners***
This application assumes you have the correct date and time settings  entered in the system preferences for proper calculation of Julian Day  numbers and all other calendar related functions. Please make sure you  
check -->Settings-->General-->Date & Time-->Set Date & Time for the correct settings.

IPhone users that use automatic settings should not have issues.

This is a free, ad supported version of my DayNumber application.

If you don't want ads or you need more features and functionality check out my other apps. DayNumber and Julian Day are ad free. They also have more features that will NOT be added to the free version.

** To specifically address the one of the user reviews below **
I totally agree with his comment about the current location being asked. I have said it myself a time or two, but here is the 411 on why the app asks this question.
AS I mentioned above, this app is ad supported. As we all know if ads are targeted to users that might actually need the product they are selling, then the odds of selling it are a bit higher. You can't really sell air conditioning at the North Pole. One of the ways to better target customers is LOCATION BASED. My ad will ask to be allowed to use your current location so the ad server can better target you with ads that might actually be of use in your area. These ads can be from lawyers, doctors, even restaurants, car washes, local sporting events and even concerts. A restaurant in New York wouldn't want to waste money on showing you it's ad if you are in Phoenix. It just as likely you won't care about anything in New York if you aren't in New York. It's a win, win. If you don't want to see local ads, then just say no. The app will still work just fine. You will see only generic web type ads for generic products that can be ordered online. If you see any ads at all! If you want to see ads relevant only in your area, allow the location based ad mojo to do it's thing. It's no big deal, I as the developer am not tracking you in anyway. You might still only get generic ads or get nothing, it just depends on the other businesses in your area that buy advertising on the iPhone platform. And if your just sick of the whole ad thing period, pony up a $1 or $2 and keep reading.

Need more features? Like NO ADS or the ability to choose any day for conversion? or email your conversions? How about a calendar style view of the Julian day number? Check my other apps for 'Julian Day'. It just might be exactly what your looking for!! Or look at the paid version of DayNumber for only $.99. You can get a larger display and icon badge options.

What's New in Version 2.21

Fixed version number so it matches what is reported in the app store. 

Fixed descriptive terminology wording errors on the info page.

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