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Category: Business
Developer: LIGATT Security
Version: Version 1Q
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Cyber P.I. by LIGATT Security, a world premier leader in computer security and cyber crime investigation, has made it very simple for consumers to protect themselves against forms of cyber crime, but also help locate these cyber predators that may have taken advantage of consumers.

-       Did you know that 25% of children have been exposed to unwanted pornographic material online.

-       Did you know that every 6 seconds a personal computer is hacked.

-       And the scariest part; a recent report stated that Cyber Crime generates more money than all drug trafficking in the world.

·      Are you a victim of Computer Hacker, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Extortion, Cyber Stalking or some other type of Hi-Tech Crime? 

·      Do you want to make sure that you do not become a victim of a computer hacking or identity theft?
IT does not matter the size of your company. It does not make a difference if a person has one or a thousand computers; always have a security audit to find all the weaknesses in your network.  Remember this, IT managers are not security experts.  As an IT manager your job, or their job, is to make sure the network is up and running.  A security expert’s job is to make sure that you are safe from computer hackers and all the malicious threats that can bring down your network.   A lot of times companies will hire a computer security firm to come out and perform a security audit, but unlike LIGATT Security these companies do not have real hackers on their team.  Most of them are text book taught, however,  Not LIGATT Security!
We can help you with:

-       Making sure your personal or corporate computer is hacker proof.

-       If you have been hacked, help find out who hacked you and how they did it.

-       Teach you how to become an ethical hacker, so you can protect your own network.

-       Help with cyber bullying, cyber extortion, cyber stalking and online child predators. 

-       Help locate a stolen computer.

-       Help monitor all computer activities of your employees, kids and spouse.

-       If you have spyware, find out who installed it on your computer.

-       Help encrypt your must important data.

-       Make sure your wireless network is truly secure.

-       Help remove a virus or worm

-       And a lot more.
This Cyber P.I. application will let you consult for FREE 15 minutes with an ethical hacker weekly, via your iPhone or chat room about your problem, and how to solve it.  You will be able to set a date, time and how you would like to speak with our team such as a live voice call on your iPhone or you can enter our chat room from your iPhone. No need to be sitting in front of a computer. 
Once our team figures out your problem, we will recommend a product or service that can help you.  These products or services are not necessarily a LIGATT Security product or service so there will not be any bios in our recommendation.             

What's New in Version Version 1Q

The following fixes have been added to Version 1Q:

-RSS feeds would not launch the appropriate article into a browser.
-Titles of the Cyber P.I. menus being overlapped.

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Screenshot of Cyber P.I.
Screenshot of Cyber P.I.
Screenshot of Cyber P.I.