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Version: 1.0
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Customer ESP helps you prioritize the important conversations you need to have with your customers. 

If you are an Executive, Salesman, Customer Service Rep, Project Manager, or anyone who wants to know exactly what is happening with your key customers, then Customer ESP will save you hours of tedious research and make your customers think you are a mind reader.

What if you had an assistant who was constantly watching important customer information in your line-of-business systems and could contact you anywhere, anytime to suggest which customers needed a call and about what issue?
  - One of your customers just placed a large order!
  - One of your customer’s orders is going to be late!
  - One of your customers has a late invoice and is about to be put on hold!

What if your assistant also suggested exactly what actions you should take to resolve the issue?  Even a rookie could handle potential problems like a pro.
  - Call the supervisor to discuss scheduling options.
  - Call the sales manager to discuss our approach.
  - Call the customer with good news!

What if your assistant included a folder with all of the important documents and details you would need while talking to the customer, and even highlighted the issues?

  - Customers – see a prioritized list of the customers you serve.
  - Alerts – server agents monitor line-of-business databases for the critical conditions that are important to your business. 
  - Tasks – for each type of alert, you create a custom business process to handle the situation
  - Info – you define the business documents and information needed for each situation.

  - When you first install Customer ESP you will be connected to our DEMO environment.
  - Customer ESP natively supports integration with Infor VISUAL ERP, but can easily be adapted to any line-of-business application.
  - Our professional services team will work with you to install the server software and define the alerts and tasks that fit your business.

For more information and to schedule implementation, contact or visit

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Screenshot of Customer ESP
Screenshot of Customer ESP
Screenshot of Customer ESP
Screenshot of Customer ESP

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