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Category: Business
Developer: Underbeak
Version: 1.1
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Cue Cards On Your iPhone!
The Ultimate Cue Card solution for your Presentations.

- Give your Presentations the Hi-Tech Edge.

- Never get lost in your notes again.

- Keep track of your presentation time using the timers displayed in your notes.

- Cheeper than buying Paper Cue Cards. 

- Backlighting allows you to read from your notes in any lighting environment. 

- Reorder your notes with ease and in only a few seconds.

- Quickly jump to any section of your speech without having to flick through endless cards. 

- Can also add and edit your notes from your PC's web browser using CueMe's web interface. 
****This Feature Does Not Work With iOS 5, New version being developed contact us for more info***

- Color and format your notes to help improve your reading experience.

- No more fumbling around shuffling messy cards. With CueMe you only need to use One finger to flick between cards. Your audience won't even know your using cue cards.

- You can discreetly rehearse your presentations where ever you go. 

- You can even pause and resume your presentation if you need.
- No longer need to hide behind a lectern. 

- Never forget your notes again.

- Its almost as if the iPhone was designed for this very use.

What's New in Version 1.1

- You Can Now Turn Off The Accelerometer when performing, and use a button instead to open the menu.

- Includes support for 32 bit characters

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Screenshot of CueMe
Screenshot of CueMe
Screenshot of CueMe

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