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Nobody really likes to use public bathrooms if they can help it, but sometimes you just don't have a choice. Sometimes you might get lucky and find a nice, clean bathroom at a nice restaurant, but other times you have to make do with a disgusting gas station or truck stop that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks. 

In the past, having to use a filthy public bathroom in an emergency was something that was almost always unavoidable, but a new app from Silly Boy Ventures is here to change that. With CleanBM, you can always find a clean bathroom when you need it, even if you're miles away from home.

How It Works

CleanBM uses your smartphone's GPS tracking device to determine your location and the location of any public restrooms nearby. It also maps out the shortest route to the nearest restroom in your vicinity, much like how Google Maps and similar apps will give you directions to where you need to go.

Your GPS will get you to a restroom when you need it, but it won't tell you how clean or dirty it is. For that, you will need to rely on reviews and information provided by users like you. CleanBM allows its users to provide data on public restrooms across the country so you can know for sure which public bathrooms are safe for use and which ones should be avoided at all costs. If you come across a public restroom that isn't on CleanBM, simply spread the word by adding it to the app.

CleanBM is a great app for anybody who does a lot of traveling and who are constantly away from home. It's also great for those who have small children who need to get to a bathroom as soon as possible. It's easy and even fun to use, and it can be a life saver when you have a bathroom emergency. If you plan to do a lot of traveling in the future or you're tired of having to use unspeakably messy public restrooms.

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