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Category: Business
Developer: OnPoint Digital
Version: 6.9.1
Size: 17.5 MB


As an enterprise application, you will need to contact your company's CellCast administrator to establish your account and receive a registration code that will enable your access to enterprise content. The application will not let you access without this Enterprise Registration code.

OnPoint Digital's CellCast Solution is an enterprise mobile learning platform that makes it easy for organizations to push and track training materials, performance support modules and business communications to their on-the-go workers, partners and customers. Once installed on the iPhone, a worker enters a company-supplied registration code that will automatically configure their CellCast App to reflect their company's learning environment (e.g., setup requirements, access restrictions, organizational branding, encryption, single sign-on) and then enabling their learning assignments to be automatically synched to their device. Workers equipped with an iPhone can keep their learning in sync with their other mobile handsets and tablets and other devices as well as an online learning environment allowing them to learn on any device at any time.

Supported content types include videos, podcasts, animated slide presentations, PDF files and ePUBs/eBooks, HTML-style courseware, SCORM content & more with integrated tests and surveys. All results are tracked back to a central learning database (requires a separate enterprise license and hosting services as provided by OnPoint or our resellers/partners).

Additional features include support for social interactions via threaded discussions, access to blogs/wikis, user generated content plus new gamification functions to make learning more interesting and engaging.

If you would like to test out the app with Sample Content, you will need to create a use account by going to this url:

And create an account. A registration code will be emailed to you.

What's New in Version 6.9.1

The 6.9.1 version of the CellCast app contains the following bug fixes and enhancements.

Correction to an issue where exit of video content would crash the app in specific situations.
Update to the information provided to the UI concerning skill profile information with events.
Update to close the download utility upon content download completion.
Updates to make download functions more efficient.
Update to Game data to include earned trophies and additional data.
Correction for playback of MP4 video from Document Manager.
Enhancement (6.9.0) to provide for content timeout messaging for idle sessions while in content.
Include additional information about Nugget types to UI.
Include additional Equivalency and skill profile information to the Custom UI.
Added support for Gameboard content launch.
Correction to encoding in test results view for special characters.
Correction to requests for poll information.

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of CellCast App for iPhone
Screenshot of CellCast App for iPhone
Screenshot of CellCast App for iPhone
Screenshot of CellCast App for iPhone

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