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*** To choose currencies you need, run Settings app and find CashCalc there. ***

Cash Calculator is an iPhone/iPad app for those who work with cash in business on an everyday basis.

Don’t know about you, but we in Ukraine like cash. Cash is good. But you need to keep count of it. You count it in your office. Then your suppliers count it again in their offices. Not all of us are so successful to round up all payments to $2000, $5000 or $10000. Odd amounts, like $5720, demand a little more attention. Where there might be disagreement in calculations it’s useful to have a written record of each denominations you brought. Most people who often use cash, do that. Some write on stickies, some use little spreadsheets in Excel and print out.  You don’t need to keep permanent records, usually you throw them away as soon as you step out your supplier’s office, or the bank.

This iPhone app will do your calculations accurate and will make you a little happier.

CashCalc works with 17 currencies: USD (USA), EUR (EU), GBP (UK), RUR (Russia), UAH (Ukraine), CAD (Canada), AUD (Australia), CNY (China), JPY (Japan), CHF (Switzerland), JOD (Jordan), MXN (Mexico), NIS (Israel), ARG (Argentina), BRL (Brazil), SGD (Singapore) and SEK (Sweden). Each currency, except Chinese, has sections for paper money and coins. You can turn off currencies you don't use. If you like the idea but the app doesn’t have the currency you wish to work with - let me know by email info(at) and I’ll amend the app with next release.

*** Run Settings app to access settings screen. ***
*** There you can choose currencies you need. ***
*** Hope you will read this prior to writing negative feedback. ***

What's New in Version 1.3

iPhone 5 support. Bug fix at coins calculation. Czech koruna added. 

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of CashCalc
Screenshot of CashCalc
Screenshot of CashCalc
Screenshot of CashCalc
Screenshot of CashCalc
Screenshot of CashCalc
Screenshot of CashCalc

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