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Category: Business
Developer: Tap2Run, LLC
Version: 1.0
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CaseMate is an all-in one case management companion.  Lawyers, insurance agents, investigators, social case workers, etc., will be able to use our easy, integrated set of tools to access case information right on their iPhone.

CaseMate gives you instant access to your case information:
  Contact information
  Case Notes
  Call History Log

Keep all you case information organized by case.  Just one tap takes you to the the New Case Group page.  Enter a case number and a case title and you are ready to start creating new case contacts, case appointments and case notes.

CaseMate leverages and extends the the power of your iPhone contact list.  All groups and contacts are stored directly into your contact list.  CaseMate extends the default set of contact properties by adding its own "Contact Type" property, e.g. Judge, Witness, Policy Holder, Initiating Attorney, etc..  Pick one of the preset contact types or add your own.   

Not only are your notes organized by case, CaseMate notes are time stamped with a Creation Date and a Last Modified Date.  Your list of notes is presented chronologically by choosing one of the two time stamps.

CaseMate appointments are set with the same ease of use as a standard iPhone appointment.  As a matter of fact the user interface is design to be functionally compatible with the iPhones calendar application.  Repeating appointments and alarms can be easily set up with a few finger taps.  List of appointments are organized by significant time groups: Today, Tomorrow, Work week days, Next Week, Month of the year.  You can also access a consolidated list of all appointments for all cases.

Note: Even though CaseMate calendar appointments are functionally compatible with iPhone calendar appointments, CaseMate appointments do not appear in your iPhone's calendar application.  
Other features:
  Share contacts between cases
  Email case notes
  Case number auto-create
  View number appointments per day in calendar view. 

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