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Version: 7.9
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At last, a truly mobile case management app for attorneys. When you’re in court or at a client and update your CaseManager calendar, the change can be reflected on every machine you and your office use. CaseManager syncs all its content across Apple tablets and phones, desktop/laptop machines, and even other mobile devices. Tech types call this “cross platform.” It’s a whole new world of tidy, reassuring order and synchronicity.

What it means is that everyone is on the same page.

CaseManager helps small firms and sole practitioners work like a big firm—at a price that’s indisputably reasonable. It supports you by being part secretary, accountant, law clerk, and back office all in one, keeping you on top of your business while it helps you be more efficient and effective.

And without the Internet, if need be: CaseManager is self-contained for those out-of-range moments—in a tunnel, at the beach—when you still must work anyway.

CaseManager includes every management tool an attorney needs. Beyond what you’d expect—robust calendar with four views and two categories of entries, Events and Tasks; contacts by case and overall; time clock for billable minutes (and hours) with ledger for time, expenses, and running totals; separate Facts archive—CaseManager lets you take with you your whole case file including Word docs, images, PDFs, notes, everything. Leave that overstuffed briefcase behind. From now on it’s just you and your iPhone.  

Major features in brief:
•Now you can sync across Apple as well as most desktop and laptop machines, and other mobile platforms using Dropbox, your personal cloud storage. The gulf between office, home, and work anywhere has disappeared.
•Many pages are printable, on any Apple-compatible wireless printer within range.
•Handwritten notes: jot a note in many content areas; save, print, and email it on the spot.
•Add your firm’s name to the landing page, then personalize each device with the user’s name.

CaseManager is intuitive to learn and use, fast in operation, and backed by thorough explanations on our website,, should you need help.

Why not download CaseManager for iPhone today? The price is no barrier, and soon you’ll be enjoying a much better way to manage your increasingly mobile law practice.

What's New in Version 7.9

- CSV support
- Bugfixes

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Screenshot of CaseManager for iPhone
Screenshot of CaseManager for iPhone
Screenshot of CaseManager for iPhone
Screenshot of CaseManager for iPhone

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