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Developer: Wolfgang Horbach
Version: 1.2
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What’s your body language saying about you? Are you exuding a confident, relaxed attitude or are your tense insecurities showing? You can’t hide how you’re really feeling, it shows in the way you move, speak, stand and carry yourself. Put a personal coach in your iPhone and improve your body language and outlook. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You’re nervous. You may be going into a big meeting, making a sales pitch or applying for a job. There’s competition and your hopes of doing well are sinking by the minute. Sure, you’re good at what you do and you know your product but that guy from the other company seems to be hitting it off with the person you want to impress most. Your shoulders drop as you realize that you don’t stand a chance.

Life doesn’t have to be like that. With the proper preparation beforehand, you can have a winning attitude and the proper body language to convey that to others. With some coaching, you can be truly confident, authentic and relaxed in your own skin. That’s what everybody wants, isn’t it?

The BodyLanguage app is going to help you out. It doesn’t just tell you how to hold yourself; it addresses the root cause of poor body language, going to the mental and emotional aspects first.

Thanks to some old programming that you’re still carrying around, certain discussions and situations can push some inner buttons that automatically kick in your need to react, rather than respond. With some preparation ahead of time, you can avoid knee-jerk reactions and move through a situation smoothly. All you need is a little help and that’s what the BodyLanguage provides.

This application uses illustrations and instructions to help you prepare. Follow the advice and you’ll be able to move from feeling defeated to projecting a positive attitude and body language. That’s the ultimate winning combination, regardless of which area of your life you use it.

Something to remember about this app is that it is totally discreet. No one needs to know that you giving yourself this great gift. They will see the results, though. People will start interacting with you differently because you are projecting yourself in a whole new way.

BodyLanguage Features:
* Includes Theory, Practical: Presentation and Negotiation. Application and LifePower Tools will be provided soon.
* Each section incorporates visual and auditory teaching
* Addresses underlying attitudes and shows you how to transform them
* Shows you how to remain calm and disarm escalating situations
* Shows you how to really connect with people and create win/win situations
* Teaches you so much more!
* Offers in app purchases
* Is very discreet

Once you’ve taken advantage of what this application has to offer, you’ll find yourself aware of gestures, postures, handshakes and other important clues that indicate what a person’s body is saying. You will even know how where a person sits defines the pecking order of a meeting.

With the BodyLanguage app, you’ll be fully aware and fully armed with the important knowledge you need to make a good first impression and leave a favorable lasting one. 

Can you really thrive and get ahead with the BodyLanguage? Absolutely! Download your copy now to get started. Good things are waiting for you.

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