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BizSnap is the perfect tool for business men and women as it allows you to capture contacts and expenses with a "snap" of the iPhone's camera!

BizSnap converts pictures of business cards into contacts on your iPhone; it also converts pictures of receipts into comma delimited files that can be imported to expense reports.  

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BizSnap requires the iPhone 3GS or later with the 3MP camera.

BizSnap uses a photo you take of a business card or a receipt, passes it through a sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) engine, then allows you to use the resulting text to create a contact or capture receipt details.

    √ Automatic contact field detection for United States formatted telephone numbers and street addresses (international address support coming soon).
    √ Accelerometer based camera stabilization to improve image quality and ultimately produce better OCR results
    √ Automatic receipt date, subtotal, tax and total field detection
    √ Token based pay as you go usage (2 free tokens) with an unlimited token purchase option
    √ E-mail receipt snaps
    √ Paste images from other applications (e.g., e-mail) to use as card/receipt snaps

Tips & Tricks - BizSnap's OCR will be as good as the photo you take, so keep the following things in mind.

   √ Be sure you are using the app with an iPhone 3GS as it has a higher quality camera than the iPhone and the iPhone 3G
   √ Hold very still while taking the photo to avoid a blurry image
   √ Orient the iPhone camera to match the orientation of the text on the card or receipt.
   √ Take the photo in an area with bright ambient light
   √ Make there are no shadows cast on the card/receipt when taking the photo
   √ For glossy business cards make sure glare does not obscure portions of the text

What's New in Version 1.2.3

- Added processing animation
- Improved OCR
- Minor bug fixes

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