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"Dr. B has done it again! He has provided a clear, straight-forward path to successful selling in B2B and B2C markets." -- William Proctor

This little book can truly revolutionize your selling abilities and help you to understand the secret that most top sales people don't want you to know.

- You will probably make more money by implementing just one of the tactics presented in this book
- You will feel more confident
- You'll be able to enjoy more free time with your loved ones
- You will be able to land that account that you always had your eye on
- You won't suffer embarrassment by doing something that simply does not sit right with your personality type.
- No risk, no pain, just 30 minutes of reading.

The fact is that enthusiasm is great but empathy sells far more products. Benefits of Desire: The Secret to Selling Anything reveals simple and practical steps to improving your sales and marketing efforts today. Using a down-to-earth style and common-sense examples, Dr. Box challenges readers to rethink their sales and marketing approach, allowing anyone from the top executive to the first time sales person to discover a more efficient way to increase sales. 

In a time when companies are eager to out perform the competition, Dr. B explains how to apply proven process management concepts, once used to revolutionize production, to streamline sales and marketing messages and ensure that the Customer and their needs always comes first.

"In the end, sales success does not come from convincing people to buy things that they don't want." -- T. Box

"Get this book if you want to learn how to outsell others - in under 30 minutes you will learn superb tactics for sales success." -- Jim Thorp

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Screenshot of Benefits of Desire - The Secret To Selling Anything
Screenshot of Benefits of Desire - The Secret To Selling Anything
Screenshot of Benefits of Desire - The Secret To Selling Anything

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