Download Audit Whatever for iPad

Developer: John Durand
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 5.2 MB


An ISO-9001:2015 and a safety checklist is included to help you get started.

An audit is displayed as a split screen. The clauses or sections of the audit are on the left and questions associated with the selected clause appears on the right. This allows easy navigation to sections of the audit. A database of audits is maintained so it is easy to review a previous audit.

Audit progress is indicated by checkmarks of the question completed and the clause completed. Checkmarks are color coded based on the risk level. Evidence collected is either text or photographic.

Several reports are available: executive summary, full report and opportunities for improvement. Generate these reports and print or email them on the fly. PDF reports allow you to upload your company's logo. If you want to customize the report format you can create a RTF document for editing with most word processor. Audit reports include a score or continuous improvement monitoring.

Import your own checklists by first creating a text (*.txt) file in the following format:
T~Your Title
C~1.0 Clause
Q~Question associated with the above clause

Add as many questions for a clause as you like and as many clauses (or sections) as you like. 

Checklists (or audit templates) and audit questions are maintained separately in the database. When you create and audit you select a checklist to add to the audit. This allows you to revise checklists but maintain previous audits. In addition to uploading checklists, the program allows you to add edit or delete questions for both checklists and audit questions. This allows you to customize an audit. For instance, you might want to add a question regarding a previous corrective action to verify its effectiveness.

Although navigation of the program is intuitive, a user guide is included.

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