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Category: Business
Version: 2.2.2
Size: 19.4 MB


Assured PackOut™ is an easy-to-use app that helps you build an accurate contents listing quickly while you are in the field. 

Assured PackOut™ is the go-to app for preparing a contents listing when time and efficiency is paramount.  Stay organized, record information as you itemize the contents from a loss with the 'Tag It' and 'Box It' features.  Capture photos, choose an item description, scan tags, record the condition and set how the items should be processed back at the warehouse!  

Need more?  You can easily work with a team and multiple iPads!  All the information is combined and seamlessly synchronized with Assured JobCheck™.  Assured JobCheck™ provides additional tools for managing the contents including enterprise quality reporting from any web browser.

Key Features:
- Quick Listings with Tag It and Box It
- Scan Tags
- Organize how Inventory is to be Processed
- Camera: Rapid Fire, Touch Auto Focus and Pre-Existing Damage Photos
- Full Contents Job Inventory Sync and Cloud Data Storage
- Download Job Inventory from the Cloud to any iPad for continuing work started by other team members; see all inventory and room layout photos for easier pack back

Version 2.0 and up adds the ability to turn on 'Full Sync' capabilities.  With 'Full Sync' enabled, inventory is first uploaded to Assured JobCheck™, then any inventory which is not not present on an iPad will be downloaded to the Job you are synchronizing.  It is strongly recommended you only enable this functionality if you have a recent generation iPad (released in 2018 or newer).

Assured PackOut™ is available for:

Mobile: iPad

Web: Assured JobCheck™ (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

What's New in Version 2.2.2

Added support for UK services.

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