Download Arkansas Lobbyist Directory for iPhone, iPad

Developer: Bellwether
Version: 1.0
Size: 7.9 MB


This is the single best source of easy-to-access information regarding Arkansas lobbyists and their clients. Keep tabs on changes in lobbyists’ registration and be on rapid alert when a company or industry suits up to fight or pass legislation!

Quickly browse or search through registered lobbyists and their clients. 

Features include:

LOBBYISTS: Browse alphabetically or search through a list of Arkansas registered lobbyists. Easily identify how many clients and firms they're connected to, and learn of their registered address and phone number!

CLIENTS: Learn which organizations and business employ lobbyists! Scroll alphabetically or use the search feature to identify clients and learn of their registered address and phone number. Easily access a list of their registered lobbyists and any firms lobbying on their behalf.