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The ARCHITECT’S FORMULATOR is the perfect tool for any Architect. This program contains over 400 formulas helpful for architect. ARCHITECT’S FORMULATOR combines all of the formulas from our Electrical, Carpentry and Plumbing Formulators. In addition, this product also includes Concrete and Excavations formulas, that perform calculations for excavating or filling soil, the concrete required for a job and the bricks required for a wall. The program also includes special formulas just for architect for concrete and steel design, parking area and sidewalk design and even swimming pool design, as well as basic formulas for wind load and wind overturning force. The 23 formulas just for architect’s included now are just the start of what we expect will grow to over 100 formulas in coming months. 

The CARPENTRY section contains formulas that calculate the number of joists and studs required on a job. ARCHITECT’S FORMULATOR aids users to calculate the load on headers or the cost of hardwood flooring. There are even formulas to calculate the loads on walls and loads on beams. Formulas in the ELECTRICAL section calculate kilowatts, horsepower, efficiency, power factor, watts, amps, current, power, resistance, and voltage. This section includes formulas to calculate total resistance, capacitance, voltage drops, and transformer calculations. 

The formulas in the PLUMBING section calculate areas of pipe walls and the weights of different pipes. ARCHITECT’S FORMULATOR is able to calculate the final temperature when two bodies of water are mixed. There are also formulas in this section to calculate the expansion of pipes, radiant heat and heat loss cooling requirements, head loss and fresh air in room requirements All formulas can be saved or E-mailed. The program also remembers favorites and recent formulas.

Some of the formulas in ARCHITECT’S FORMULATOR include:
Acoustic Absorption Factor 
Acoustic Absorption Factor 
Room Absorption 
Reverberation Time-Metric 
Reverberation Time-Feet

Beam Loads Single Span Uniforms
Supports Free Vmax
Supports Free Mmax
One Free One Fixed Vmax
One Free One Fixed Mmax
Supports Fixed Vmax
Cantilever Vmax
Cantilever Mmax
Uniform Load Two Spans 
Center Fixed Outer Free Vmax
Center Fixed Outer Free Mmax 
Two Spans All Free Vmax 
2 Center Fixed Outer Free Dmmax
Uniform Load Tree Spans 
3 Inner Fixed Outer Free Vmax
3 Inner Fixed Outer Free Mmax
3 Fixed Vmax
3 Fixed Dmmax
Uniform Load Four Spans 
4 Inner Fixed Outer Free Vmax
4 Inner Fixed Outer Free Mmax
4 Fixed Vmax
4 Fix Dmmax
Concrete And Excavating 
Amount of Soil to Excavate of Fi
Soil Amount 
Concrete Required for Job 
Cubic Yards of Concrete 
Cement Used Fine Aggregate Used 
Coarse Aggregate Used 
Weight of Material 
Weight of Cement 
Weight of Fine Aggregate 
Coverage From Concrete 
Total Bricks Needed with Half inch 
Bricks Needed In 8 Inch Wall 
Bricks Needed In 12 Inch Wall 
Bricks Needed in 16 Inch Wall 
Concrete Design 
Beam Shear Load 
Design Unit Shear Stress 
One Way Slab Design 
Design Load On A 1 Ft Wide Section 
Parking Area Design 
Sidewalk Design 
Seating Capacity Area 
Minimum Window Area 
Culvert Size
Material Weight in Lbs and Kilo 
Flat Plates 
Square Plate Stress 
Square Plate Max 
Rigid Square Plate Stress 
Rigid Square Plate Max 
Flexible Circular Plate Stress 
Flexible Circular Max 
Rigid Circular Plate Stress 
Rigid Circular Max 
Flexible Rectangle Stress 
Flexible Rectangle Max
Rigid Rectangle Stress 
Rigid Rectangle Max

Rectangular Sections Shear 
Steel W, M, Or C Sections 
Steel Tee Sections 
Circular Sections Shear 
Horizontal Shear 
Rectangular Section Shear 
Steel W, M, And C Sections 
Steel Tee Sections Horz
Circular Sections Horz 
Connections- Horizontal 
Vertical Shear 
Horizontal Shear 
Bending Moment Load 

Structures Total Safe Load

What's New in Version 3.9

Additional sections on soil, frequency, and piping

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of Architect s Formulator
Screenshot of Architect s Formulator
Screenshot of Architect s Formulator
Screenshot of Architect s Formulator
Screenshot of Architect s Formulator
Screenshot of Architect s Formulator
Screenshot of Architect s Formulator
Screenshot of Architect s Formulator

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