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Version: 5.1.2
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*****  The easiest to use and most widely used conference dialer:  Over 10,000 active users have dialed over 500,000 conferences using ApptDialer! 
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Dial your conference calls that are in your calendar, including the conference code, with ApptDialer! You’ll never have to memorize or write down another phone number or conference code. This app takes care of all that for you, automatically. 

“...Essentially, ApptDialer provides in an app what the OS has failed to provide for 5 years. If your iPhone calendar is jammed packed with meeting invites this is little worry as ApptDialer looks at current meetings...I am happy as I constantly need to dial into a meeting when mobile and this is the safest way on iOS.”
- Rod, Simple Mobile Review

You have a conference call in five minutes but you’re stuck in traffic. As soon as you’re able to, you pull over, check your meeting invite then repeat the phone number and conference code several times in quick succession. While continuing to run through the numbers out loud, you start dialing. Oops, you hit a wrong number, start again because that threw you off and you can’t remember what you were trying to dial.

That’s okay, you’ve got a pen and some paper. Somewhere. Maybe in the glove compartment or on the back seat. Okay, you found something that’ll work. Fast as you can, you go back to the invite and scribble down the numbers. You dial carefully but quickly and arrive at the conference in the middle of a big announcement. Everyone hears you enter the room.

Not only are these types of situations stressful, they’re embarrassing, frustrating and just plain unnecessary, now that there’s ApptDialer.

This application makes joining conference calls as easy as tapping your iPhone screen. Dial directly from your calendar appointments, without ever having to look up, write down, or memorize any information.

ApptDialer automatically detects phone numbers and meeting identifiers from anywhere in the appointment. That’s right, anywhere, even if they’re tucked away in the location field or notes. If you have multiple numbers listed, simply select the one you want to use and the app will call the number and enter the code for you. Safe, easy and the perfect solution to conferencing while on the go.

Don’t worry if you need special dialing digits because ApptDialer lets you customize your dialing string, anyway that you need to. You still get the great auto dial features, so you never miss a conference call, even if it’s international.

Have a look at some of the features you get in ApptDialer:
* Super easy to use – one tap does it all
* No configuration necessary
* Automatically detects numbers and codes from anywhere within the appointment
* Safe method of joining conference calls while driving
* Allows customization of phone dialing strings for international calls
* Works with regular direct dial phone calls, too

You have a lot of meeting invites for conference calls, so what are you waiting for?

Download ApptDialer right now. Start making your life easier and conferencing on the go, safer.

Note: ApptDialer fully supports iOS 6, but the new privacy controls in iOS 6 can cause problems if you do not give permission to ApptDialer to access your calendar the first time it asks.  You can always set this under Settings->Privacy->Calendars.

What's New in Version 5.1.2

Fixes crashes some users experienced with some calendar types after upgrading to iOS 11.4.

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Screenshot of ApptDialer
Screenshot of ApptDialer
Screenshot of ApptDialer
Screenshot of ApptDialer

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