Download App Genie Lite for iPhone, iPad

Category: Business
Version: 1.1
Size: 10.6 MB



App Genie Lite lets you choose any 3 applications out of a selection of more than 30+ amazing applications and utilities.

App List:

✓ Product Search (with Barcode scanning for 3GS devices)
✓ Language Translator
✓ Where Am I? (geolocation)
✓ Checklists (with landscape support)
✓ Currency Converter 
✓ Weather Forecast
✓ Facebook Tools
✓ Photo Icons
✓ Nutritional Info
✓ Unit Converter
✓ Country Facts
✓ Battery Level
✓ Device Stats
✓ Voice Reader
✓ Metal Detector
✓ Talking Clock
✓ Speedometer
✓ Sound Meter
✓ Tip Calculator
✓ Amazing Facts
✓ Digital Magnifier
✓ Talking Compass
✓ Tool Case (Bubble Level, Clinometer, Ruler, Plumb-bob)
✓ Cam Tools (Click Anywhere Cam, Shake Cam, Clap Cam)
✓ ...and More!

- Some applications require capabilities not found in all devices (GPS, camera, compass).
- Some applications require Internet access.
- Most applications are compatible with OS 2.2, but some require a higher version.
- Weather forecast is currently available only for the US.

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of App Genie Lite
Screenshot of App Genie Lite
Screenshot of App Genie Lite
Screenshot of App Genie Lite

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