Category: Entertainment

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Version: 1.4

Size: 48.3 MB

Developer: Basam Alasaly

Seller: Basam Alasaly

Rated 4+


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at https://www.thekidslearn.com/

Learn animal names and sounds in a uniquely fun, challenging, and child-safe layout where mastering your animal knowledge and beating your high scores is the goal.

App Features:
   • Three separate level modes of: Easy, Medium, and Hard.
   • Three lives maximum per game.
   • Different high score for each level.
   • Large set of animals.
   • Animal sounds play when correct animals are chosen.
   • Animal sounds names are pronounced by simply taping the animal name label.
   • Hide home button in-game so your child cannot leave the game when Guided Access is enabled.

Level Construction:
   • Easy: Adds 4 animals every 15 points.
   • Medium: Adds 5 animals every 13 points.
   • Hard: Adds 6 animals every 11 points.

What's New in Version 1.4

We've added animal name pronunciations!

The aim of this addition is for children who have difficulties reading the animal name labels. 

They can now tap the word and hear the animal name pronunciation giving them a hint to select the correct animal and slowly teaching them how to read.

Screenshots for iPhone, iPad