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Category: Business
Version: 5.3.2
Size: 74.5 MB


AmiVoice® speech recognition will recognize Japanese and matches against its closest available translation in English, Chinese, and Korean. Therefore, a false translation is unlikely to appear for a paired translation. If the recognized sentence is not pre-included as a paired translation, then mechanical translation is used. The paired translation can be updated by uploading your own through our management page on the Web. 					

TransGuide is a hybrid service comprised of paired translation and machine translation					
This application can be used as a multi-lingual announcement in station, airport, leisure facility and local government, or an emergency announcement in case of a disaster.  					

It can be used to support a staff (store, bus・taxi・train driver, each attendant etc) from inquiries by a foreign travelers toward a staff.					

By registering paired translation beforehand, you can make announcements into each language without worrying about erroneous translation from a speech recognition result. 
*Internet connection is not necessary for a paired translation function.					

If the translation does not exist then mechanical translation is used. 

*Internet connection is required for a machine translation. Please note that the machine translated result may be incorrect.					

Words with high frequency such as location or time can be set as a tag.
The tag allows to minimize phrases that are displayed on screen allows for showing alternative translation.
You can use the application by installing it.
・Paired Translation: pair of pre-translated sentences between Japanese and other languages.
・Machine Translation: translating sentences that does not exist as a paired translation into other languages.

What's New in Version 5.3.2

New standalone speech recognition engine is upgraded.

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