Have you ever frustrated when your iPhone doesn't show Company Name or Title of your contacts in your address book?
Have you ever thought if you can group your contacts with Company Names?
Advanced Contacts provides you a single screen view of the contact information that your iPhone saves.
With this application, your contact management will be much more productive!

* You can view all the inputs in your contact list such as;
Organization, Department, Job Title, Date….

** You can make "favorites" as many as you want
+ Favorites can be made with Organizations and Departments
+ Favires are always on the first screen when Advanced Contacts app is launched.

*** Auto copy Company name and Department when adding a new contact to existing groups ("group" view only)

Basic functionalities:
+ Show all inputs in your contact list on one screen
+ Grouping
 - Unlimited # of groups
 - Grouping by Cmpany name and Department
 - Favorite Groups can be made and editable
+ Auto inputs when adding a new contact to exising groups
+ Highly interpoerable with iPhone Address book
 - Add/Delet/Edit are all reflected
 - Direct phone call from this app
 - Direct email from this app
 - Auto launch Google map when selecting Address

Screenshots for iPhone