Download 2 Players 1 Device for iPhone, iPad

Developer: Anthony Harvey
Version: 2.1
Size: 79.7 MB


Use it to decide who pays for the next round of drinks.

Play it with your date, or your kids while waiting for your meal.

These simple competitive games require two people on opposite side of the device. 

Every time through, the game is different.
8 short games to choose from:
  -Which One Doesn't Belong? (for speed)
  -Tap Fast to push a bomb away.
  -Air Hockey
  -Memorize the order (for speed)
  -Basic math (for speed)
  -True or False (for speed) 

Waiting for food to be served? Play this while waiting!

What's New in Version 2.1

2.0 is a HUGE update. 2P1D is now 8 mini games in one. 
FOUR total new games!
Choose any, as often as you want

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