Download 聚会找乐-愤怒的大叔升级版 for iPhone, iPad

Developer: Yuzhen Luo
Version: 4.5
Size: 37.6 MB


According to the number of people in the software, the number of icons and different styles can be set to meet the requirements of different interests.

1. Simple and fun, a chance game that everyone can play.
2. The number of icons can be selected as required.
3. Multiple interesting icons for you to choose, more interesting.
4. Click on a specific icon to represent gameover. Someone needs to accept push ups, Be punished to do dozens of push ups, or learn how many frogs to jump, or sing a song.Or to answer a question of anyone, you must answer truthfully and truthfully without lying, and other small penalties for this.

It is a popular game among young people. It is suitable for many people to play together. The more people play, the more fun they have. Play luck games to make couples, friends, classmates, teams, companies and other parties no longer boring

This game is a small entertainment game for party, simple and interesting. Each person clicks an icon in turn. Once someone is lucky enough to almost get a specific icon, he or she should accept a small reward or punishment agreed in advance to entertain everyone.Then the next person clicks on the icon, so the cycle.

The software will continue to iterate and improve, and we will continue to work hard.

What's New in Version 4.5

1 Modify a little bug;
2 Enhance stability
3 All the features remain  the same as the last version.